Harvey Wells Pooler SEYDEL (private). Parents: Carl F SEYDEL and Anna Therone TEAGUE.

Spouse: Kathleen HEITZMANN. Children were: David Carl SEYDEL, Tyler Harvey SEYDEL.

Spouse: Aiola BRACKIN.

Leah DeAnn SEYDEL (private). Parents: Luther Duane Pooler SEYDEL and Virginia POWERS.

Leticia Dionne SEYDEL (private). Parents: Luther Duane Pooler SEYDEL and Virginia POWERS.

Luther Duane Pooler SEYDEL (private). Parents: Carl F SEYDEL and Anna Therone TEAGUE.

Spouse: Virginia POWERS. Children were: Lydia Diane SEYDEL, Leah DeAnn SEYDEL, Leticia Dionne SEYDEL.

Lydia Diane SEYDEL (private). Parents: Luther Duane Pooler SEYDEL and Virginia POWERS.

Shirley May Pooler SEYDEL (private). Parents: Carl F SEYDEL and Anna Therone TEAGUE.

Spouse: Donald D SEARS. Children were: Shawn Patrick SEARS, Christopher Charles SEARS, Jason Allen SEARS.

Tyler Harvey SEYDEL (private). Parents: Harvey Wells Pooler SEYDEL and Kathleen HEITZMANN.

Philip SEYLER was born on 5 March 1745 in Warren. PA. He died on 7 February 1834 in Chatham Co., NC. Parents: Pleikard Dietrich SEYLER and Elisabeth HARTSOE.

Pleikard Dietrich SEYLER755 was born on 29 May 1727 in Baden-Wurttemburg Germany. He immigrated on 11 September 1751 to Philadelphia, PA. He died on 15 December 1784 in Siler City, Chatham Co., NC.

Spouse: Elisabeth HARTSOE. Elisabeth HARTSOE and Pleikard Dietrich SEYLER were married. Children were: Philip SEYLER.

Christian SEYLOR (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth GROSS.

Sidney SEYMORE (private). Parents: Sidney SEYMOUR and Clara Bell BUTTRAM.

Sidney SEYMOUR (private).

Spouse: Clara Bell BUTTRAM. Children were: Sidney SEYMORE.

Norman SHACKELFORD (private).

Spouse: Janet Lynn COLE.

SHACKETT (private).

Spouse: Phyllis Jean LESSLY.

Joe SHACKLEFORD (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth COPELAND.

James SHAEFFER (private).

Spouse: Irene MUSICK. Children were: Ramona G. SHAEFFER.

Ramona G. SHAEFFER (private). Parents: James SHAEFFER and Irene MUSICK.

Edna Mae SHAFER (private).

Spouse: Edward W. Jr. SEE. Children were: Unknown SEE.

Samuel Powell SHAFER died in 1912.

Spouse: Malinda LEA. Malinda LEA and Samuel Powell SHAFER were married in June 1864.

Stella SHAFER (private).

Spouse: Charles Pal DEAN.

? SHAFFER (private).

Spouse: Betty Jo BROWN.

Carolyn Sue SHAFFER (private).

Spouse: Irvin Edgar DAVIS. Children were: Carolyn Sue DAVIS.

Elizabeth SHAFFER53 was born on 10 February 1753.53 She died on 2 November 1811 in Conewego Twp, York Co., PA.53 She was buried in Quickel's Church Cemetery, Conewago Twp., York Co., PA.53

Spouse: Samuel GROSS. Elizabeth SHAFFER and Samuel GROSS were married about 1771.53 Children were: Catharina GROSS, Eva GROSS, Johann George GROSS, Samuel Gross JR., John GROSS, Elizabeth GROSS, Daniel GROSS.

Julia A. SHAFFER (private).

Spouse: James Benjamin SHEEK.

Waltamar P SHAFFER (private).

Spouse: Blanche I. CRAWFORD.

Kenneth Dale SHAGGS (private).

Spouse: Margaret Ann SEE.

William SHAMP (private).

Spouse: Deliah McGaw MARTIN.

Elizabeth SHANKLE (private).

Spouse: John A. SWEARINGEN.

John Thomas SHANKLES55,143 was born on 13 October 1862.143 He died on 26 October 1947.143 He was buried UNKNOWN in Whitehall Cemetery, DeKalb Co., Alabama.143 John has reference number 8343.143

Spouse: Nancy Elizabeth CORDELL. Nancy Elizabeth CORDELL and John Thomas SHANKLES were married about 1883.



Margaret Lucretia SHANKS10,11 was born on 27 September 1865. She died on 3 February 1946 in Putnam County, Tennessee.

Spouse: Robert Boone STEWART. Margaret Lucretia SHANKS and Robert Boone STEWART were married. Children were: Myrtle Tennessee STEWART.

Dora Alice SHANKSTER was born in 1880 in Missouri.

Spouse: John Ellis SEE. Children were: Jossie Ellen SEE, George L. SEE, Mildred Leona SEE.

Frances Carolyn SHANNON (private).

Spouse: Rondal GENZEL.

Living SHANNON (private).

Spouse: Living MARKLAND. Children were: Living MARKLAND.

Sam SHANNON514 was born about 1866. He died in 1939.

Spouse: Jemima CRAIN. Jemima CRAIN and Sam SHANNON were married on 10 September 1891.

Living SHANUTT (private).

Spouse: James Richard COPELAND.

SHARI (private).

Spouse: Sidney Francis Hoots JR..

SHARON (private).

Spouse: Gerry SHORE.

A G W SHARP58,59 was born about 1857 in KY.58 He died WFT Est 1858-1947.58 He has reference number 29932. Parents: George SHARP and Sibba HUDDLESTON.

Campbell SHARP58,59 was born about 1849 in KY.58 He died WFT Est 1850-1939.58 He has reference number 29930. Parents: George SHARP and Sibba HUDDLESTON.

Clementine SHARP58,59 was born about 1842 in KY.58 She died WFT Est 1843-1936.58 She has reference number 29927. Parents: George SHARP and Sibba HUDDLESTON.

Cynthia Helen SHARP (private).

Spouse: Kerry Guy BUTTRAM.

David SHARP58,59 was born about 1854 in KY.58 He died WFT Est 1855-1944.58 He has reference number 29931. Parents: George SHARP and Sibba HUDDLESTON.

Elizabeth "Lisbet" SHARP65 was born in 1725 in Eisern, Germany.65 She died in 1788 in Lincoln County, North Carolina.65 2 SOUR S070441
4 TEXT Date of Import: 12 Apr 2002

Daughter of Henry SHARP.

Spouse: Nicholas X. COONTZ. Elizabeth "Lisbet" SHARP and Nicholas X. COONTZ were married in 1750 in Frederick County (Now Page County) , Virginia.65 Children were: Henry Nicholas COUNTS, John "Coon" COUNTS.

George SHARP58,59 was born WFT Est 1790-1822.58 He died WFT Est 1857-1884.58 He has reference number 30176.

Spouse: Sibba HUDDLESTON. Sibba HUDDLESTON and George SHARP were married before 1833.58 Children were: Malinda SHARP, Clementine SHARP, Willis SHARP, Martha SHARP, Campbell SHARP, David SHARP, A G W SHARP.

Joseph SHARP III (private).

Spouse: Karen Lee YOUNG.

Malinda SHARP58,59 was born about 1834 in KY.58 She died WFT Est 1835-1928.58 She has reference number 29926. Parents: George SHARP and Sibba HUDDLESTON.

Martha SHARP58,59 was born about 1844 in KY.58 She died WFT Est 1845-1938.58 She has reference number 29929. Parents: George SHARP and Sibba HUDDLESTON.

Mary SHARP was born on 12 April 1911 in Casey Co. KY. She died on 21 February 1978 in Casey Co. KY.

Spouse: Edd MURPHY. Mary SHARP and Edd MURPHY were married on 1 February 1931 in Casey Co. KY. Children were: Charles MURPHY, Virginia MURPHY, Hollis MURPHY, Lois MURPHY, Janice MURPHY, Wanda MURPHY, Vearl MURPHY, Paul MURPHY, Joseph MURPHY.

Michael SHARP (private). Parents: Paul SHARP and Hazel MCCOY.